Smudging 101 - Clearing Your Stones

Smudging 101!

So many people have been asking about how to cleanse and or get any kind of negative energy off of their stones, so I wanted to share some options. 

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Since stones pick up energies from people, locations that they are placed in, as well as our own personal thoughts and feelings, it is important to cleanse them. Since the energies are often not in alignment with the higher purpose of the stones, the properties could weaken from the negative interaction and or newly prohibited release of positive energy. 

Here are two ways that I would recommend that are simple enough to have the materials with you all of the time and or close enough by to cleanse when necessary:

1. Light the end of a dried sage bundle (you can find this both online and or in the mind and body section in many grocers and or metaphysical shops). Allow your stones to experience the smoke from the sage bundle by passing them through a few times to clear them of any undesirable energy. It's important to have a bowl or dish nearby for the ashes to go and for you to place the bundle when you're done. 


2. Light the end of a Palo Santo smudge stick (also something that you can find online or in the mind and body section). Make sure to blow out the flame before passing the stones through the smoke to clear the negative energy. Once you are finished make sure to have a dish to set it on until your next use. 

Please remember that all stones (also called crystals) take on energies from other people. This could be said when you are buying new crystals (public place) or being gifted them. Make sure to be mindful of immediate use; instead cleanse them before using them before using them for healing. 

So much light coming your way!


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