Amazonite - The Monkey Chatter Eliminator


Here it is, the stone that I'm always the most excited to talk about: natural amazonite. My personal love for this stone is all about it's ability to calm a racing mind. Coined as the "soothing stone," this stone has the strength to calm both the brain and the nervous system, which is essentially the trigger for making the monkey chatter stop. This stone helps eliminate both worry and fear which is one of the reasons that I love this stone so much for college students. So much new is happening and often change allows for both worry and fear to enter the picture. The power that this stone has to help deter those feelings as well as the flip thought of manifesting universal love is pretty incredible. 

Many people speak of sleep issues and often I ask if it's more so an issue of the to-do list. That usually seems to be something that many of us have, which is perfectly normal for how we tend to live our daily lives. We are all so busy that it has become the norm to be in the go-go-go mode. So then the list is running through one's mind at the end of the night of what didn't get accomplished and that ends up being the reason for sleeping very little or completely nights. This stone works wonders for that, I promise. 

The other thing that amazonite works well with is balancing both the heart and throat chakras; Virgo for the zodiac sign. I need to go into more depth as to what the chakras are all about, that's a whole different topic. 

So when I'm asked if there's a stone that I wear every single day, this is the one. I have quite a few of these in my own personal collection as it truly is my favorite. I mean why not have the beach on your wrist? At least that's what it looks like to me! 



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