Did Someone Say Dancer?

Evening yogis!

It's Tuesday night and it's raining buckets here. I am still in disbelief that we are getting more snow tomorrow. Perhaps they are wrong, this wouldn't be the first time. 

So tonight Team Chicago AKA my chick yogi rat pack and moi went to our usual guru yoga at 8 and enjoyed a solid 90 minutes. After we decided to march over to this new workout place next door to check it out. We've seen plenty of young chickadees frolicking over there and had to know what the craziness was all about. Oh yes, that's correct. Another regurgitation of a kick your asana workout, only this is without yoga. It's a combination of cardio and strength and the goal is to get your heart rate up to the orange zone and then you burn a sick amount of calories. Sounds like a decent workout to me.

My biggest challenge with this was actually the response from one of the people that was giving us the story on what it was all about. Another person that has no idea what yoga is all about and literally said, "well you're not just going to be meditating and stretching here and there in this place." Wow. Meditating and stretching. Yes, that is what it is but it's so much more beyond that. Balancing some of these poses after years of practice is still challenging if you ask me. 

My point of bringing this up mainly has to do with this giant group of 24 million plus yogis and then the rest of the population. How is it that people really don't know what yoga is all about? I was there once and I proudly share that now I as I 'drank the yoga Koolaid' as they say. I'm hooked and I love the physical challenge of the practice. I really think that the 24 million of us need to start dragging in our friends and family into classes to just try it. See if they want a little taste of the "yoga Koolaid." 

Tonight's discussion title was inspired by the position of the day that I'm participating in along with Guruv Yoga in Orlanda Florida #springintobalance. I absolutely love the dancer pose and love watching a room full of dancers! 

Check out the #springintobalance and join me for the rest of the month!

Shine that light & love yogis!


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