With joy + mindfulness, I create one of a kind pieces that share my dedication and passion for yoga.
Work-at-home mom of an amazing little girl + wife of a veteran + Hawaii-trained designer + yogi + friend to many


Infinite Warrior designs are thoughtfully handcrafted in the United States with love & light, using high-quality, semi-precious gemstones. Each bracelet is cleaned with sage and hand gift-wrapped in a stamped muslin bag before it's delivered to you or your loved one. All product photography is shot by the wildly talented Sapphira Miller.


I'm a Milwaukee native with a strong educational background from UW Milwaukee, undergrad and JIU Denver, masters. As a practicing yogini and a certified yoga instructor, I wanted to do more in the community so that I could reach more yogis worldwide. I travel frequently and enjoy exploring new and different yoga studios, instructors, workshops, and  trinkets. 

Both living and teaching yoga has provided me purpose as it has given me a mental focus, internal peace, and a better connection to other beings. The benefits of the healthy lifestyle promoted by the yoga way of life are indescribable. I love that the yoga culture is such a huge community of individuals with similar values and beautiful spirits. Never have I met so many inspiring people that share the same dreams and desires. Knowing that there are other people out there that focus on internal happiness, a healthy lifestyle, and treasured time with family and friends alike makes me smile.  

On my adventures, I'm always amazed by the many gorgeous jewelry pieces that I see. These expeditions have inspired me to start a yoga themed jewelry line. Unlike other athletes, yogis often have their wrists, necks, and ankles decorated with gems, beads, and yoga bling that signify some sort of cosmic benefit. 

Today there are nearly 26 million people in the United States practicing yoga. I'd say yoga is what's happening now!

Infinite Warrior

Defining an identity that reflected both my ideals and my business was important to me. From the beginning of my yoga journey I've discovered that yoga inspires once you leave your mat.  The physical practice is just the beginning. By embracing yoga once you leave your mat you are bound to practice satya (truthfulness), saucha (cleanliness), tapas (discipline), and so forth, which follow the yamas and niyamas which are part of the eight limbs of yoga. 

100% Handmade

Whether it be a balance of the chakras, a connection to other yogis, or recognition of a higher power, each piece that I have designed is original as I use natural healing and semi-precious stones, handmade charms and pendants, other materials that offer spiritual meaning in sterling silver and vermeil. 

Style & Quality

My goal is to promote positive energies in the world with every piece by combining the use of natural elements with my own Inspiration and that of the creator, I look to them to entwine with the intentions of the wearer. It's not uncommon for people to think that physical things are not the true elements that heal; but rather it is the intention and focus of energy which heals or has an effect of the healing outcome.

All of my pieces feature semi-precious gemstones. Each stone has its own unique energy property that holds a different meaning to each unique individual and they are paired with the metals that will compliment them for the desired healing properties and energies. Without realizing it, we are all carriers of the gift of intuition. Many of my fellow yogis intuitively select the colors or stones that they are drawn to without realizing the energies until after they receive their piece. Many are fabulously overjoyed that they have selected a stone or combination that reflects the energies they unknowingly have been seeking.

I make each piece with an intention or mantra. Following my belief in signs, I make pieces that truly inspire me to want to share with my yogis and friends alike. I often tell people that when looking for a piece, choose something that speaks to you and follow your heart. 

Upon receipt of purchase, you will see that all of the pieces come packed individually in a beautiful muslin bag for safe keeping. After realizing how many different cultures use prayer and meditation beads, I was further inspired to create pieces that celebrate the amazing beauty and energy of the stones. The thought of other people spending time to meditate, stay grounded, and maintain focus in this busy world with my creations has been very inspiring and I am honored to be a part of those experiences.

The time that I spend designing and creating my pieces has become a meditation in itself for me as they really are small expressions of the energies they embody. My creations are simply inspirations that come from yogis that I pass in my daily life. In my Milwaukee workspace, I have natural light pouring in which can be rather energizing. When I travel, I take my works in progress with me as I often find much inspiration on the road. When that's the case, I note in the description that the specific piece has been handcrafted in another location.