Shipping & Returns

Shipping Information

To keep shipping costs down we ship everything via USPS first class or Priority mail. Most orders are packaged and processed within 2 days of ordering at most so this should not be an issue. 

All of the packages are mailed with a branded sticker so if you're buying a gift and want to keep it secret, please just let us know and we will post your package incognito.



Easy Returns & Exchanges

If you receive an item and are not satisfied you can send it back and we will refund you provided the item is in the condition it was sent within one week of receipt. 

Infinite Warrior
544 E. Ogden Ave., #700-203

Milwaukee, WI 53202

Sold out items:

The shop is updated quite frequently and also gauge what to make next by customer interest and suggestion. If you spot an item that you liked but is sold out, please don't hesitate to send a quick message so that we can let you know what the expected creation time is for that item:

How things are made:

If you ever have any questions about how something is put together or anything else beyond that, just ask! 


If you are interested in wholesale, please e-mail me directly at and or go to the wholesale inquiry page.