Dana J

Amazonite, turquoise, Lava, & Agate

Teri H


Her bracelets are so beautiful and powerful. She is a very nice person and helps you with which ones will work for your situation. These are my favorite bracelets, and have helped me a lot with anxiety, stomach issues, and calming my mind so I can sleep.

After years of trying different prescriptions to help me sleep, I finally found relief using a howlite bracelet from Maria. After just a couple days of wearing my bracelet, I was able to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep the entire night which hasn't happened in years. I can't wait to try more stones and would definitely recommend this stone to anyone struggling with insomnia.

Eric W


Love the styling and look!! What makes it even better, it is a locally owned business.


Amanda B

Lava and Rose Quartz

I was trying a combination of different natural treatments for fertility and hormone balance for about a year before being introduced to Infinite Warrior. After only four days of wearing my lava and rose quartz pieces, I could already feel a shift and sure enough, my next cycle was perfectly healthy. We are now awaiting our first baby and using IW bracelets for support during my pregnancy!


Drew h


Great addition to practically any outfit for any occasion!


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