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Infinite Warrior has been a passion project from the very beginning. As a certified yoga instructor I have always been in tune with the body and different ways of healing. After becoming a mom, I decided to combine my interest in healthy living with creating jewelry using semi-precious healing stones. 

Our boho-style bracelets are handmade in the U.S. Each bracelet is created using semi-precious stones that represent a specific healing power, such as the ability to calm or energize.  When you place a wholesale order with us you will receive brochures with a brochure stand and a healing stone chart on a foam board with an easel. I want to make sure you understand the difference between each healing stone to help move product. In the first month I will check in via Skype or FaceTime to go over the chart and how to use it.

Infinite Warrior is more than just a jewelry line. It is about how even the smallest thing can influence our lives to make them better. Something as simple and beautiful as a bracelet can give us the strength we need to embrace the life around us.