Injury Prevention, Training Variation, & Rehabilitation

Yoga is an amazingly beneficial practice for athletes ranging through all sports and all age groups.  A regular yoga practice implemented throughout a training regime provides physical exercise, breath control, and flexibility. It also helps provide increased mental focus, stress relief, and prevention of sports related injuries. Yoga helps athletes gain knowledge about the mind and body connection, which can improve body awareness and enhance mental clarity. Studies conducted by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine illustrate that the physical benefits of yoga for athletes are lowered heart rate, increased oxygen intake, functional strength, and flexibility. More importantly, athletes also report enhanced focus and greater concentration. Infinite Warrior provides you with custom, semi-private yoga classes held either in your facilities, or a nearby location. 

  • The mats, blocks, straps, and any other necessary props are provided for the athletes that need them.
  • The whole experience will be tailored to fit your athletes. As time progresses, the schedule, format, and tempo of the classes will be determined to meet your expectations and needs. 

Depending on your goals and expectations, Infinite Warrior can plan a one-time event, weekly, or monthly classes to meet the needs of your athletic group.

Athletic yoga cost varies based on site location, the number of participants, frequency of sessions, and length of classes.  Please call for pricing. 630-791-0529.