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Milwaukee, WI


Welcome to my yoga world. All yoga all the time. Namaste!

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Infinite Warrior

Handmade semi-precious, yoga-inspired healing stone jewelry - thoughtfully crafted in the US.

Maria Panno

Owner. Designer. Warrior. 



Maria Panno is the founder and designer of Infinite Warrior. A Hawaii-trained yoga instructor, entrepreneur, mother, wife & friend to many, Maria’s lifestyle is as mindful as it is real. Infinite Warrior is Maria’s tangible extension of her soulful, communal and warm approach to love & life. 

Founded in 2014, Infinite Warrior has built a zealous following from every beautifully created piece of jewelry Maria designs. Her keen eye for style produces yoga influenced, boho-chic jewelry for daily wear. With an exceptional empathetic energy, Maria is able to recognize her customer’s personal journeys, and design with those in mind. 


Always striving to be an Infinite Warrior.

"I travel frequently and enjoy exploring yoga studios, instructors, workshops, and trinkets. Both living and teaching yoga has provided me purpose as it has given me a mental focus, internal peace, and a better connection to other beings."