white turquoise, 


dragon vein agate + natural amazonite

balances gut, eliminates monkey chatter + reduces inflammation

Infinite Warrior Headshots-10.jpg

Maria Panno

Owner. Designer. Warrior.

IW March 2018-80.jpg

hematite + matte onyx

master of grounding + strength

Maria Panno is the founder and designer of Infinite Warrior. A Hawaii-trained yoga instructor, entrepreneur, mother, wife & friend to many, Maria’s lifestyle is as mindful as it is real. Infinite Warrior is Maria’s tangible extension of her soulful, communal and warm approach to love & life. 

Founded in 2014, Infinite Warrior has built a zealous following from every beautifully created piece of jewelry Maria designs. Her keen eye for style produces yoga influenced, boho-chic jewelry for daily wear. With an exceptional empathetic energy, Maria is able to recognize her customer’s personal journeys, and design with those in mind.

IW March 2018-27.jpg

clear quartz, scenic jasper + tiger eye

property magnifier + supreme nurturer + goodbye anxiety